Good Doc Design

Is it just me, or are all contracts really getting uglier and harder to read?

I’ve decided to offer expert document design services for legal agreements, technical documentation and other long form documents.

Before and After



How much does it cost to redesign a document?
  • €123,45 for a single flow document, up to 100 pages
  • €234,56 for bilingual double flow contracts

Payment in advance.

How long does it take?
What document formats are supported?
Can you combine multiple documents into one?
Jeopardy questions! The answer is “no, probably”
  • Do contracts have to be poorly designed to be legally binding?
  • Do law schools teach how to mess up documents?
  • Is it OK if I redesign my insurance contract before I sign it?
  • Is Jony Ive’s work contract as ugly as everyone else’s?
Comic-style illustration of a person reading a poorly designed document
Local text styled like a ransom letter.

My first design job was as a DTP designer at a local newspaper. I wanted to be good at it, and I happened to like it, so I quickly became obsessed with typography, legibility, and page design in general. Since then, up to this day, before I read a page, I will first assess its layout, font choices, spacing, alignment, kerning, wrapping, etc. Books, ebooks, websites, restaurant menus, brochures, fliers, emails, contracts. Silently judging.

There are good and bad page designs.

Most books are well designed, but many ebooks are not. Most magazines and newspapers are very well designed, and sometimes their websites are too.

Yet, almost all legal documents are very, truly bad.

It doesn’t have to be like this.